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Studies for Reflections, 2019

This work came out of Awakening: Earth-based Spirituality and Art, a 10 day artist residency at Artscape Gilbraltar Point on Toronto Island, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

A lull in painting and the complex emotional nuances of finding myself approaching 60, I pursued this residency as a way to connect with like-minded nature lovers and seekers who congregated on Toronto Island while it was still slightly submerged from high water in Lake Ontario. One day into the start of the residency an old friend, creative maker and  shaker Katherine Mulherin, took her life and rocked our art world. The profound loss shaped my time at the residency as I struggled to hold her memory while navigating my own shape-shifting efforts. I was looking to undo some old habits during this time of grief, and worked to seek and erase what no longer served me; this work evolving from that effort.

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