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Manifestations of a Different Nature

David Kaye Gallery Nov. 27 - Dec. 21, 2008

Storm birds are believed by the aboriginal peoples of different continents to foreshadow coming storms by their calls or behaviour. There are many eyewitness accounts of birds and animals migrating before seismic waves, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, thereby remaining unharmed by these catastrophic events. Western science does not accept the idea of a ’sixth sense’, believing instead that animals and birds have more highly developed, but known, sensory perceptions that pick up vibrations or changes in atmospheric pressure or magnetic fields to foretell coming catastrophes in a way that humans are not able to. Nonetheless, they remain unable to explain within the framework of known forms of communication the everyday extraordinary behaviour of starlings in synchronized flight.

Much of my work has involved subverting scientific bias and exposing the limitations of that field to acknowledge or incorporate research that requires a reinvention or major overhaul of existing theory. Fortunately, we may be on the edge of great advances in scientific enquiry; seeing more and more challenge to the mechanistic and staunchly objective worldview that has removed the heart and soul from the universe, while supporting heretofore unexplainable phenomenon. Manifestations of a Different Nature evolved from an exploration into radically new views of reality that establish the paranormal as part of nature. Science and the mystical are moving closer together through advances in research into both quantum physics and parapsychology, and I am interested in the intersections where their weavings meet.

My wonder at rare experiences and terrifying acts are the defining qualities of historic attempts to paint both the horror and harmony of the visual experience of nature. Manifestations of a Different Nature marvels at some of the terrifying and profound mysteries that make up life through the exploration of imagery of both man-made and natural creations and destructions. Referencing contemporary meteorological events, the state of the environment, and the evolution of our interface with nature, these paintings represent an attempt at groping with the sublime in our times.

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